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Live purely in the moment and you will always be happy because in this split-second nothing is wrong. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flickr

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Beautiful fluff all stoic and sexy.

Yellow Pegasus: The Triathlon Bike

I have committed to racing an olympic distance triathlonin about three months, and I am taking to any and all online information I can find. Most recently, I am looking at information about bikes. I posted on this blog previously about my bike, which is an old Schwinn Le Tour with a steel frame and it’s overall pretty heavy if you consider what other people use to train/race. I’ve been…

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The sun is finally rising before I get to work. Hello Old Lou! #louisvillelove #oldlouisville

It’s a great day for a first blog post in six months! Today is one of few firsts for the year. I took my little yellow bike out to play after doctoring it up with some fresh air in the tires and a newly attached water bottle cage. (I was quite proud of how I rigged up my water bottle cage to my bike using an old dismantled lock holder, a few spare screws, and a zip-tie. So I added the photos onto…

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I love this so much and I have no clue why

"You become what you think about all day long."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (via skeletongarden)

craving a bike ride on my Schwinn Le Tour :)


Madeline on the keys.  (Photo Credit: Robert Butler)


Album Covers collages by Christian Marclay.

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We have no legs


Which one would you like?